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HeadPlug DSP Plugin


HeadPlug is a simple DSP plugin using the WinAmp 2.x interface, so it should be usable with WinAmp2 & 5 and any other software that supports WinAmp 2.x style DSP plugins.

It's intended to be used when listening to music with headphones (or any other sound that would normally play back on normal stereo-speakers). It removes the over emphasis of the stereo effect and tries make the 'sound-stage' a little more natural.

If you can't imagine what that's supposed to sound like just give it a try, maybe you'll like it.

One thing that might awaken your interest if you already use something similar is that HeadPlug is highly configurable - which is not true for most of the similar programs that I have seen.

HeadPlug is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Please read "COPYING.TXT" in the archive or look it up at the Free Software Foundation

Bugfix released

Fixed a crash under windows XP when opening the config-dialog, along with some other minor bugs. I'm linking MFC statically now, so the file is considerably larger (still only 140KB though). Please download the new version, it should run more stable (and probably faster because of VC7.1).

Download: HeadPlug.zip ~140KB

One similar plugin is Crossfeed by Michael Rhoades (see the Links page).

TODO list

(mainly a reminder for myself)

  • Include a stereo-expander before the crossfeed effect. You can try the effect by using HeadPlug in conjunction with any stereo-expander plugin; just make sure that HeadPlug is the last in chain, means especially after the stereo-expander. I do find the effect quite interesting, since some recordings do have a very "narrow stereo image". (with WinAmp you need a so-called "DSP plugin stacker" - check out MuchFX2 if you don't have one already)
  • Include some sort of room-simulation (although I'm currently lacking information about the typical spectrum/impulse-response of in-room wall reflections).
  • A complete rewrite to have a template-based implementation that's not coupled so tightly with the winamp2 DSP interface but rather features some kind of audio-stream design.
  • foobar2000 port (or WinAmp2/foobar2000 hybrid DLL) like already requested by some people.
  • New readme.txt.

Don't expect any of these in the near future, as I have another project cooking that will take some time to finish. However if you have any suggestions you can let me know - if I like the idea I'll put it on the TODO list and eventually even implement it some day :-)

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